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October Coaching Sessions 2015

"A massive thank you to the beautiful Kathleen for turning this struggling duckling into fledgling swan in just 5 sessions. What a difference! Not only is Kathleen a brilliant technician, but the confidence she has given Brontë in her ability has made all the difference. She can't wait to take class with you again Kathleen - you are truly amazing" K. Heard

"Thank you so very much KMS Dance Studios NZ. (aka Kathleen-Malee Smith). Your Holiday programme over 3 days has helped my daughter immensely, especially following her injury. Your help and corrections have been gold and we can't recommend KMS highly enough !! We look forward to your many many more holiday programmes" K. Drummond



Kinder Creative Dance, Silver

"We are really enjoying the class, Joanna is excellent, and it is so much better than the others we have tried. Even I had tears in my eyes when they were dancing to Swan Lake."

Parent, Kinder Silver - November 2014

Like to chat with a parent about their experiences of the school? 
Just get in contact with KMS Dance Studio and we'll happily put you in touch!

Pre Primary Ballet, Saturday

"Rebecca is amazing with the children and is very engaging. She seems very passionate about teaching this age group, which is a wonderful introduction to ballet for Aria!" J.T. 2016

Like to chat with a parent about their experiences of the school? 
Just get in contact with KMS Dance Studio and we'll happily put you in touch!

Adult Ballet

"Can't recomend KMS Dance enough. Kathleen is a wonderfully experienced dancer and teacher who's focus on technique is meticulous yet communicated beautifully with good humour and grace. Kathleen teaches with passion and respect to any age group and knows how to bring joy to dance."

GB, 2014/15

"I would like to thank you for your patient and positive teaching. I found the classes invigorating and physically and emotionally helpful, and mentally challenging! I will recommend them to anyone and I hope I will be able to join again in the future."

Melissa, 2015

Contemporary Dance

"My daughter is 13 and has never asked to do any extra-curricular activities until this class. She has loved the classes and not wanted to miss any. She has wanted to keep what she learns in class mostly to herself so apart from a couple of moves I had still never seen her dance until her performance - not since she was little. At her performance she was nervous but also quietly confident and keen - the myriad ways in which she moved made me understand why she has been feeling stronger and why her back is no longer hurting and why she enjoys it so much. She smiled right through and had fun and is looking forward to next term. She loves the way Kathleen teaches and the way she encouraged the girls to help her design the choreography for the show."

Leah, Glen Eden

Classical Ballet

"After more than five years studying ballet at another dance school, our daughter switched over to Kathleen’s Grade 5 ballet class at the beginning of last term. We are absolutely delighted with the results and the progress made in just one term. In fact, we can’t believe that one teacher can make that much difference ! Kathleen manages to combine a genuine warmth and enthusiasm with tremendous technical knowledge and experience, and is able to explain and teach in a way that fosters self-confidence and inspiration in her students. In our daughter’s words “she goes to more trouble to teach you how to do it properly, rather than just teach you the movements”. Small class sizes, and very reasonable fees are definitely a bonus too !” 

Cath, October 2014

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