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Creative Dance for pre-schoolers to 11 years

Kinder Silver 3-4 years | Kinder Gold 5-7 years | Kinder Platinum 8-11 years - 
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“For those who simply have to dance!" Our New Lynn dance studio welcomes girls and boys of all ages that are keen to experience the joy of dance.

Please note, this is not a ballet-based class. Please refer to our classical ballet classes if this is your preference.

Children have the opportunity to mix music and movement in these popular classes that encourage fun, creativity, imagination and movement. This class will extend your child's natural dance abilities through new movement experiences and growing physical strength, co-ordination, flexibility and control. Parents tell us these classes are the perfect step up from Mainly Music.


Joanna Sylvester tutors our Creative Dance classes.

Classes include a structured warm up, short dance phrases, improvisation and exploration. Children learn group skills, class etiquette, body awareness and basic dance technique. Narratives, themes, concepts and music are used to connect with children’s imagination and as we come up with and share movements, we create dances together. Balletic elements may be used as may other dance genres in order to offer a fun and diverse dance class!

Our Kinder Platinum class will extend on the creative dance class structure and introduce basic Contemporary Dance concepts following the NZAMD syllabus. This class will also have the option to take exams and move through the levels. A fun 'create your own dance' component ensures creativity and movement exploration. 

Dance is known for its many benefits for all age groups and there is no other joy than seeing our smaller age groups participate in the art form that is dance.

about_nzamd"Choreographed by Ann Dewey, the NZAMD Contemporary syllabus has grown steadily as teachers recognise its value. Teaching students to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, flow, momentum, and the use of gravity, they continue to enjoy a sense of dance while focusing on freedom of movement and spatial awareness." 

NZAMD is currently available for our junior dancers (Intro/Preparatory, Level 1, Level 2), with the opportunity to sit examinations. Our Studio is registered to teach this syllabus so please contact us to register your interest.


Creative Dance classes - New Lynn

St Austell's Hall, Margan Avenue
Tutor: Joanna Sylvester 

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Saturdays tbc
8.30-9am Pre School Open Ballet 
(a great introduction to ballet suitable for 3.5-4.5 year olds)
9-9:30am Kinder SILVER (3-4 yrs)
9:30-10:15am Kinder GOLD (5-7 yrs)
10:15-11am Junior Ballet Open Class (5-6 yrs)

4-5pm Kinder Platinum (8-10yrs) incl. NZAMD Contemporary

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  Fees - New Lynn - Enrol for 2017

Class (recommended age only)Class per weekTerm Fee
Junior Open Ballet 1$120
Kinder Silver (3-4 years) 

Pre School Ballet (3.5-4.5 years)





Kinder Gold (5-7 years)1$120
Kinder Platinum (8-11 years) incl NZAMD Contemporary1


What to wear

We suggest children wear leggings or exercise pants and a T-shirt, with bare feet. Classes may involve floor work, so clothing that is tidy but comfortable, and not baggy is ideal. Girls may wear a short skirt over leggings. Hair should be tidily groomed away from the face.


For more information, please see our terms and conditions.  

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