Point Chev Dance Studio

Ballet & Contemporary Classes at TAPAC - Enrol for 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a new venue for 2017. KMS Dance Studio will be holding their ballet and contemporary syllabus classes at TAPAC, 100 Motions Road
Western Springs, offering purpose built studios, easy parking, onsite cafe and comfy waiting area. Very exciting for the school and we know our KMS family will feel very homely and welcome at this beautiful, local venue!

KMS Dance Studio follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus at our Western Springs venue. A structured form of dance style and technique where the training and practice of turnout, the rotation outwards of the thigh within the hip socket, allows for a wide range of motion and extension within the desired balletic aesthetic. However, turnout should never be forced, and each student will gradually build technical strength and skill in accordance with their own physical development and facility. 

The ballet beginner will initially master the basic ballet positions, learn specific steps and link these in progressively complex enchainements. Females will potentially progress to dancing en pointe, with more virtuoso grand allegro movement for males. Students will learn competition solo ballet variations when deemed appropriate. KMS Dance Studio etiquette to be followed at all times and it is of the utmost importance that all our venues are treated with respect and kept tidy at all times as we are privileged to have secured such nice venues.

For our youngest students, our Saturday pre-school dance classes offer a fun, non syllabus based introduction to the dance class environment. Inspiration is taken from ballet, jazz and contemporary styles to offer a unique, age specific dance class. The classes are suitable for boys and girls and encourage above all, a love of dance - we are currently confirming a Saturday venue so please check back in the New Year!


TIMETABLE FOR Point Chevalier 2017
Note: change of venues - TAPAC & Subud Hall, read timetable carefully

Monday - studio 1

3.45-4.30pm Ballet Extra
(NEW intensive open technique class for the serious young dancer)

4.30-5.45pm Grade 6 Ballet

5.45-6.45pm Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Tuesday - studio 4

4-5pm Grade 2 Ballet

5-6.15pm Intermediate Foundation Ballet

6:15-7:15pm Intermediate Ballet

7.15-8pm A.C.E Class 
(NEW Alignment, Core, Extension for ALL serious Ballet & Jazz students)


Wednesday - studio 1

4-5pm Private Lessons

5-6.15pm Junior Troupe

6.15-7.30pm Intermediate Troupe

Subud Hall, Formby Avenue

4:30-5:15pm Pre Primary Ballet

5:15-6:30pm Grade 4 Ballet



Thursday - studio 4

3.45-4.30pm Primary Ballet

4.30-5.30pm Grade 3 Ballet

5.30-6.30pm Grade 6 Ballet

6.30-7.45pm Intermediate Ballet 

7.45-8.30pm Open Senior Pointe Class

Thursday - Subud Hall, Formby Avenue

3.45-4.45pm Open Contemporary Dance NEW

Friday - Studios 1 & 4

3.30-4.30pm Contemporary NZAMD level 2

4.30-5.30pm Intermediate NZAMD Jazz

5.30-6.45pm Senior Troupe

6.45-7.45pm Advanced 2 NZAMD Jazz

7.45-8.30pm Solo Seal NZAMD Contemporary

Subud Hall, Formby Ave

9.15-9.45am Pre School Open dance (3yrs)

9.45-10.45am Grade 1 Ballet (7+yrs)

10.45-11.15am Pre School Open dance (4yrs, incl Pre Primary work)

11.15-12.15pm Primary Ballet II (6+yrs)

Enrol now for 2017

Ballet Dance Class Fees


Class per week

Term Fee

Pre School



Pre Primary






Grade 1



Grade 2



Grade 3



Grade 4



Grade 5



Grade 6



Intermediate Foundation







Contemporary Dance Class Fees


Class per week

Term Fee

Level 2



Open Class
(Subud Hall, Thurs)



Solo Seal



Troupe Fees

Junior / Intermediate / Senior  - $120 per term

Consistent Attendance is required.
Students MUST commit to these classes as absences delay progress and affect EVERYONE.


We highly recommend that Grade 6 Ballet upwards attends these new classes and our Jazz students Grade 4 upwards attend ACE!
These classes do not qualify for the multiple class discount


Senior Open Ballet -  $85  ($100 full price)
ACE (Alignment, Core, Extension) - $80 ($95 full price)
Senior Open Pointe - $80 ($95 full price)

*Introductory offer valid until 26th January 2017. Enrolments for these classes after this date incur the full price fee as stated.

**Enrol by January 26th for ALL 3 of these new classes for $200 (a saving of $45)**

Ballet Extra Class - $80 ($95 full price)
(student must be deemed of a suitable level/ability to attend)

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