Jazz dance

Jazz Dance

about_nzamdOur Jazz classes follow the NZAMD Jazz Examination Syllabus. Jazz dance puts emphasis on the dancer’s presentation, energy and style. Throughout the junior grades students learn various exercises and steps that allow them to develop strength and flexibility. Students also learn a number of different isolations, leaps, jumps, turns and dance sequences. Major grades contain a range of combination styles including funk, latin, rock n roll, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and cabaret influences – just to name a few! Dancers can also work towards medal awards if they do not wish to sit an exam.


JAZZ timetable for Point Chev & Te Atatu Peninsula - Enrol for 2017

Monday - Te Atatu Peninsula

5-5.30pm Pre Grade 2 Jazz (4.5-6yrs)

5.30-6.30pm Grade 1 Jazz (7-8yrs)

6.30-7.15pm Grade 3 Jazz (9-10yrs)

7.15-8.15pm Elementary Jazz (min 13yrs)

8:15-9pm Private Lesson

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Tuesday - Sailing Club, Pt Chev 

3.45-4:45pm Grade 2 Jazz (8-9yrs)

4.45-5.45pm Grade 3 Jazz (9-10yrs)

5.45-6.30pm NEW Lyrical Open Class (9-12yrs)

6.30-7.30pm Grade 4 Jazz (11 yrs, new enrolments must have ballet training)

7.30-8.30pm Pre Elementary Jazz (12+yrs)

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Wednesday - TAPAC 
Senior NZAMD Jazz / Contemporary / Troupe 

4-5pm Private Lessons
5-6:15pm Junior Troupe
6.15-7.30pm Intermediate Troupe

Friday - TAPAC
Senior NZAMD Jazz / Contemporary / Troupe 

3.30-4.30pm Contemporary NZAMD level 2
4.30-5.30pm Intermediate NZAMD Jazz
5.30-6.45pm Senior Troupe
6.45-7.45pm Advanced 2 NZAMD Jazz
7.45-8.30pm Solo Seal NZAMD Contemporary

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Jazz Dance Class Fees

LevelClass per weekTerm Fee
Pre Grade 21$120
Pre Grade 31$125
Grade 1$150
Grade 21$150
Grade 31$150
Grade 41$155
Grade 51$155

Pre Elementary







Advanced 1 & 2

Lyrical Open NEW 





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