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Classical Ballet - RAD & BBO syllabus

New Lynn BBO, Pre-primary 4-5 years | Primary 5.5-7 years | Grade 5 12-14 years

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Our studio is fully registered to teach the British Ballet Organization (B.B.O) syllabus (New Lynn location) and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus (Pt Chevalier & Te Atatu Peninsula). Classes for beginner to advanced and recreational to aspiring pre-professional, with assessments or examinations. Whether a serious or recreational ballet student, improved poise, posture, coordination, cognitive skills and spatial and kinaesthetic awareness are just some of the benefits you will gain from your ballet practice. A structured form of dance style and technique where the training and practice of turnout, the rotation outwards of the thigh from within the hip socket, allows for a wide range of motion and extension within the desired balletic aesthetic. However, turnout should never be forced, and each student will gradually build technical strength and skill in accordance with their own physical development and facility. The ballet beginner will initially master the basic ballet positions, learn specific steps and link these in progressively complex enchainements. Females will potentially progress to dancing en pointe, with more virtuoso grand allegro movement for males. Students will learn competition solo ballet variations when deemed appropriate. KMS Dance Studio etiquette to be followed at all times.

Pt Chevalier & Te Atatu Peninsula RAD
Pre-primary - Intermediate Ballet




Private Lessons

Complement your weekly dance lessons with a private lesson. Whether for syllabus work, for performance experience by representing KMS Dance Studio in competitions, or a special award such as Alana Haines Award, we have years of successful coaching experience and recommend private lessons for the dedicated dance student. Book a regular 30, 45 or 60 minute slot per term or a one off lesson by prior arrangement. Please contact Kathleen to discuss how we can help!


Pupils wishing to enter official examinations/assessments for the BBO Ballet syllabus must also purchase the correct B.B.O uniform for their level. Additional examination fees apply. These are usually held in September/October, so please let your teacher know well in advance if you would like to participate.  

Pupils wishing to enter the RAD ballet examinations must have correct uniform, and entry fees also apply. More information can be found on their official New Zealand RAD website. There are varying sessions, with August being a popular session time.



New Lynn Fees

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Term Fee

Pre School Ballet
(3.5-4.5 yrs)


Junior Open Ballet
(5-6 yrs)




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