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Classical Ballet 

Pre-primary 4-5 years | Primary 5.5-7 years | Grade 5 12-14 years

Private coaching available on request.

Classes for beginner to advanced and recreational to aspiring pre-professional, with assessments or examinations. Whether a serious or recreational ballet student, improved poise, posture, coordination, cognitive skills and spatial and kinesthetic awareness are just some of the benefits you will gain from your ballet practice.



Creative Dance 

Kinder Silver 3-4 years | Kinder Gold 5-7 years | Kinder Platinum 8-11 years

“For those who simply have to dance!" Our dance studio welcomes girls and boys of all ages that are keen to experience the joy of dance.

Please note, this is not a ballet-based class. Please refer to our classical ballet classes if this is your preference.

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Private Lessons

Complement your weekly dance lessons with a private lesson. Whether for syllabus work, for performance experience by representing KMS Dance Studio in competitions, or a special award such as Alana Haines Award, we have years of successful coaching experience and recommend private lessons for the dedicated dance student.

Book a regular 30 or 45 minute slot per term or a one off lesson by prior arrangement. Please contact Kathleen to discuss how we can help!



Jazz Dance 

Preschool 3-4 years |  Open & Pre-grade 5-7 years |  Grades 8-11 years | Pre-Elementary | Elementary | Advanced 

Our Jazz classes follow the NZAMD Jazz Examination Syllabus. Jazz dance puts emphasis on the dancer’s presentation, energy and style. Throughout the junior grades students learn various exercises and steps that allow them to develop strength and flexibility. Major grades contain a range of combination styles including funk, latin, rock n roll, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary and cabaret influences

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